The Chase: Pt. 1

Chasing a check seems to be the easiest and most advised chase for the millennial Black woman. Unfortunately, the problem with chasing coin and one that is never addressed, is the fact that in order to chase anything you have to be running away from something. Generally, what you are chasing lets you know what [...]


#BlackGirlMagic has ran its course for me. While I’ll still use it for the days where my Fenty highlight is popping ever so dearly in the sun, or for the days when my natural curls just seem to be spiritually coiling from my roots, there isn’t a hashtag for what I push through on the [...]

ISSA Insecurity

"Emotional insecurity or simply insecurity is a feeling of general unease or nervousness that may be triggered by perceiving of oneself to be vulnerable or inferior in some way or a sense of vulnerability or instability which threatens one's self-image or ego." insecure: Not sufficiently protected; easily broken into. liable to change for the worse; not permanent or settled. a young [...]

Love: A Rare Black Gem

"Black love" depictions in the media are prized possessions of the Black community. Quite a bit of us, men and women, hold on to those images, fictional and non-fictional, for our own sanity. It gives us hope. Many of us have had dysfunctional images of black love that are broken, abusive or one-sided, but just [...]

Hope: A 2013 Black Love Poem

I sit. Oftentimes just to think. And thinking usually leads to tears…And they sit. And oftentimes after crying for so long a lump becomes apparent in my throat. And it sits. And oftentimes my mind processes it and my heart becomes heavy and it sits. Thus ending and beginning the treacherous cycle of sitting. So I write…..  [...]

Wypeople. White People, Why People?

Over the past week in the city of Shreveport, Louisiana, I have found several cases of ill-thought-out and racist comments being made about the removal of Confederate monuments across the state of Louisiana, namely in New Orleans. The isolated decision at the bottom of the boot has made its way to the top of the [...]

Something About Slaying Evil…

Stay Blessed. These are the final two words found on at the bottom of a synopsis of a book, “Negro Wars”,  written by Babatunde Umanah, a black man. Two words. This “short and critical examination of the modern day black woman”… has been everything but short and all types of critical.  But you can’t [...]

My 10 Reasons Why…

This is because I'm tired of always placing the blame on myself. Hey YOU, You. You are the reason I can't heal. You are the reason my life always seems to be on a downward spiral. As soon as I become happy you take that away from me. That twinkle in my eye? As soon [...]

The Problem with Perfection

To Perfection: It took me too long to get here and I'm tired. I'm tired of the generations set before me that showed me to love you and seek you first. The generations that didn't show me to value myself and that your trust and value for me trumps my own for myself. I'm tired [...]

The Expectation of When.

For the longest of time, I sit and I often think about the word "when".When are you going to find the time for yourself? When are you going to tell the world to let you focus on you? When? *sips tea* This blog... This blog was supposed to be for me to start this self-love [...]