A Generation Blessed by Black

“If I Ruled The world….”- Nas

To michelle. To barack. To black.

You helped me love me. YOU have been the greatest image of a black woman that the WORLD needed to see. You weren’t provocatively plastered on every billboard or in every pin-up magazine and you weren’t screaming “bitter black woman” during primetime television every week. You didn’t have to succumb to the standards of society. You never attempted to. You weren’t eye candy. You created your own standard. THE STANDARD, and you will forever be revered as one of the greatest women to grace this earth. Elegance was exuded in the way you walked. In the way you talked, evidence of intelligence seeped from your mouth every single time you opened it. Your influences broke age, cultural, and language barriers. You helped unite women everywhere for the greater good. You kept us lean and moving to stay fit, because you stressed that not only should you have brains but the ability to stay beautiful. Healthy beautiful. That’s the kind that seeps from the inside out. In my young adult years, I have yet seen a FLOTUS grace the United States as you did. Not only did you succeed as the mother of your children, you helped mother a bolder generation of black women. Black women across the world have been reimagined. I glance into the mirror of my own destiny and I have been reimagined.  I, too, can now walk along side my fellow sisters in agreeance with my head held high and my heels even higher; carrying the confidence of many queens who met the standards set and surpassed them. Shirley. Mary. Ruby. Angela. Corretta. Katherine. Michelle. 

You helped me love him. It was in the way you sat so perfectly alongside your husband in supportive effort. Not a word had to be said between you two, and yet the world could feel that love. Images of #blacklove have gone viral. VIRAL. The good kind of viral. The one you want to see on your timeline… and in your newsfeed… and in the newspaper and magazines and online in all the news, gossip, and blackgirl blog posts. You gave us everlasting black love. The kind of love that went on and on like my last run on sentence.

All my saved “relationship goal” memes are filled with images of you and Barack. Barack could be in a room will all the women in the world and you would still be the only woman he saw. You, served us Black Love on the most appreciated platter.  In a world, where we are often told that we aren’t good enough or smart enough, skinny enough, or feminine/masculine enough, religious enough or savage enough. . . We knew that dispite it all if we had someone to love, none of that would matter. Nothing negative would affect us as much if we had love. The love that your husband let the nation see had no bounds. I, too, can be that for someone because you are positive reinforcement. You made us, millenials, feel like we could one day be filled with that much happiness.

Together you helped him love himself. 

Freed Sons. Black Diamonds. Pearls.

In a world where our black men are taken from us senselessly at an alarming rate, you helped us see that we should stand firm in our beliefs and our love for BLACK MEN and support them. Uplift them. Pray for them. Cry for them. Help them see that one day they too can take their world back.

Black men everywhere have been reimagined. Where there were images of thugs, gangstas, robbers, and drug dealers, there is now fight to replace those images with black role models in fields of law, education, engineering, and medicine. Time is being spent disputing the belief that black men spend more time in jail, than they do school. They spend more time in suits and ties than they do jumpsuits. Our brothers are uplifting one another. Is there still a journey of improvement and change that must be traveled? Yes, but I tell you I have not seen more ambitious men take charge of life than I have in this generation. I am proud of my black men. Protests are being led, books are being read, children are being fed all at the hands of the efforts put in by a black man.  Our communities have been waiting for times to come, for someone to kickstart that belief in black again. Not just black love between man and woman, but black love within self. Black within community. In 2008, we got that.

I love BLACK. I feel BLACK. I AM BLACK. and I’m PROUD.

Maybe one day all people will embrace that for at least 8 years of their lives they were BLESSED BY BLACK.

Just Keep Sipping,


“then we’ll walk right up to the sun
Hand in hand
We’ll walk right up to the sun”- Nas

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