Ratchet Ain’t My Flavor

LHH: Any City

Fake asses. Fake Lashes. Fake Hair. Fake Fights. Hell, the wine they sip, sip, then toss might be fake too. (And nothing irks my nerves like trash wine.) But look, as much as I enjoy my ratchet Mondays on VH1 like the next melanin millennial, I absolute hate the images this new generation is getting about black men, black women, black love, and hip-hop. Last time I checked none of that shit was fake. Real Hip-hop is soul and spirit, black is indigenous and they are both designed with elite ingenuity. This fascination that the media has with fucking up our culture is amazing though. It’s not just our’s it is every minority culture.


The Black Woman

They can’t tell us anything, but they sure can shape how other people see us. I’m quite sure if you sat down with little black girls ages 13-18 and asked them questions about love and relationships, not only will their answers be immature but they will be media driven. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m from the generation of ” I don’t fight I don’t argue…” but I had enough sense to know those were lyrics and they had no serious effect on my life. I wasn’t about to hit a bitch with a bottle just because someone’s ex-cousin baby mama’s twin, told me my man was eating strawberries off another bitch’s plate. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Now? We live in the age where Petty Prevails.

See petty comes in all forms. You can be petty in private or public. It’s your preference. You can be pretty and petty (but the law of the media land states: You cannot be ugly AND petty). Petty in the mall, petty in class, petty at church. People have been being petty for forever and always, but now we have a term and that term seems to be being praised. Be petty at all cost. Go hard or go home.

Petty can be a problem though. See when you feel that your pettiness belongs in the midst of someone else’s situation… Yea, think about that sweetie. Being the chick that ruins a relationship? That’s not petty. That’s being insecure and inconsiderate. Karma is a red nose boo. If your text line is filled with screenshots from niggas you really don’t want to be bothered with, but you are just waiting for him to say some slick shit so you can expose him? You’re not petty. You’re stupid and you clearly just want someone else to be miserable with you. At that point Petty is Pointless. Maybe mental stability should be a goal for 2017 versus exposing niggas left and right.

Women this year, especially black women need to focus on unity. We are always stronger together. See Love and Hip Hop displays unity. It does, BUT for the wrong reasons. Unite to get that hoe back. Unite to crash a party. Unite to be bitter and plot against your ex. Unite to bash other women. Makes you question U-N-I-T-Y huh? Yea me too, but sip this tea.  I’m amongst the POC women in America who want to unite to educate, create, and renew. Woman can rebuild and reinvent the world, feed a child (or children), and rejuvenate the mind of her man, and do it all in her preferred footwork. WOah Man. Yea I know. Black women birth beauty in all forms, so I ask the media to please stop aborting our positive images.

The Black Man and Hip HOp

It’s pretty obvious; I’m not a black man. I don’t know how this show affects how they think they are viewed. But I do know this. Every black man doesn’t have a baby mama or four. Every black man doesn’t have two kids or 20. Every black man doesn’t fight with his boys behind a simple hoe. Every black man doesn’t obsess about gold chains and strip clubs. Every black man isn’t in the music industry and seeks to rap (even though that does seem to STILL be a trend). Every black man ain’t on TV feining for attention! In my opinion, those men have very female tendencies to want to have every little moment of their lives on TV just so their endowment or lack thereof is broadcast across however many channels want to accept. That’s Tea. No Lye.

The black man I know and love is driven. The black man I know is all in about his business and his image. The black man I know is committed to not making the same mistakes he has seen portrayed all his life. The black man I know is pursuing his music career, BUT he is doing it with a degree AND a job. THe black man I know knows he has to have a HUSTLE to fund his HOBBY. The black man I know ain’t playing ball and he isn’t balling every other weekend in the mall. The black man I know is marching and protesting. The black man I know is training and uplifting. The black MEN I know are E.A.T.ing! (Word to Project E.A.T) The black man is reinventing himself and that black man is beauty. If only these were the black men that were the faces of hip-hop.

One thing I will say about our people is that we play a good damn hand based on the cards we are dealt. In this day of social media feeds, twitter rants and subtweets, and the glorification of gold teeth and skinny jeans, hip hop has become trash. This trash is why we long for more J Cole and Kendrick type music. I’m tired of hearing ” Shoot ya granny in the face, grab her purse, then win a race” type niggas. You know, the one’s who wear dresses on the cover of their albums while smoking a blunt on a little boat with 21 other savages, a Kodak camera and a bucket of blacks. JUST say they are supporting a cause but they really aren’t. It’s all a gimmick. VH1. Gimmick. MTV. Gimmick. BET. Been a Gimmick. Just gimme my culture back and if you aren’t atleast make sure these hoes have proper lace fronts!

Media update: Just gimme my culture back and if you aren’t at least make sure these hoes have proper lace fronts!

Just Keep Sipping,


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