Christmas Rocks

Hang all the Mistletoe. We’re gonna sip some tea together.

This Christmas. December 25, 2016. Another Christmas. This year was one that was just ridiculous. Everyone is just screaming with excitement this holiday season. Why? ‘Cause it’s been a KJV type of holiday! Sweet Baby Jesus? NOPE! It’s Kay’s, Jared’s and Verragio.

Everywhere I swiped and scrolled I saw a new ring. I don’t know what it was about 2016 but people were definitely trying to make the most of it. Especially following what I called “One Fatherly Fall 2k16” because everyone, and I mean EVERYONE had a baby. Baby here. Baby there. Some people I didn’t even know were pregnant or had gotten someone pregnant. It was just too much. Well, at least that’s what I thought. These people were not satisfied.

So back to me for a second. What was I doing this 12/25? Well, I at least had ice in my life. It was just actual ice. I was elegantly skiing the bunny slopes in Quebec, Canada just trying not to fall on my ass. All that effort just to have my face fall when I got on Facebook and Instagram. Sooooooo, now I’m salty. Just salty enough to melt the bergs of Antartica. Now by this time I can see some of you shaking your head. ” NO, T, don’t be salty. Be happy for them. Don’t sow negativity into your life.” FUCK ALLAT. *throws tantrum* I’m currently a walking JG Wentworth commercial.

“It’s a wedding ring and I need it NOW!”

Okay. Simmering down. That was a BIG exaggeration, but some of you get where I’m coming from. Insert yourself into a relationship. *creates daydream*

You’re dating. Sharing. Caring. Hugging. Hand-holding. Life planning. <—- see this shit here will have your mind on a merry-go-round. You get in a relationship and you are actually dating and then HE opens that life door. Three kids, a yard with a fence with a big red door with fresh ass interior decor. Bitch you are sold. He is it! He matches your fly, your drive ;), your philosophies and he serves THE MOST HIGH.  He stimulates your mind and your body. Don’t let the man be fine as hell, be well spoken, and have talents. *falls out* and beards are bonus points!!! 

It’s condensed of course, but a year in this wonderful relationship and the ring is coming soon, right? You feel it. IF not Christmas then the New Year.

*time passes*

Valentine’s Day? Nope. Memorial Day? You thought. Labor Day? Not a chance. Shit nigga… THANKSGIVING!? Nope. Now you are fat-faced deep in a bowl of dressing and a bottle of wine twiddling your thumbs, waiting for the next window of opportunity as he is sleeping on the couch next to you watching the Cowboys game. *rolls eyes* Now you are upset and you feel you are wasting your time. Don’t do this. Not yet anyway. Wait it out.

Why? ‘Cause guys and girls maybe it’s just not your season. See everyone has a season to reap what they have sown. Some seeds require less time for flourishing crops and others require more time and upkeep. Evaluate the situation you are in. You can set all the timelines and expectations you want, but it is all irrelevant to the one with the real timeline. HE knows no wrong and HE lets no seed go sown without some benefit. Will it always be the result you were seeking? No, but that’s why you are you and HE is GOD.

Re-evaluate what you are dishing out. Maybe you are doing too much. Maybe you aren’t doing enough. Maybe you just don’t know them how you should. Maybe you both aren’t financially stable for what comes with marriage because let me tell you if you didn’t know: There is more to marriage than love. Love doesn’t keep the lights on. Just be patient. Your time is coming soon enough, and if you wait for the right time the feeling will never escape. Every day will feel like an engagement day.

So, despite your ever running clock,  snuggle up to your significant other ( if you have one, if not snuggle with yourself) and appreciate the time spent with them. Sow positivity, so as to reap it. You’ll be surprised when that seed will turn into a diamond. That’s the point of it all right?

Just Keep Sipping,


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