Bottom of the Bucket

Okay, so I know I’m not the only one who sets a resolution for every damn new year. I get all pumped up about SOMETHING(business plan, career goals, the fucking gym). Yup, all of that, and I get into it for a good couple of weeks and then it dies.

I found that it was because I was not self-motivating. I was relying on other people to set up some form of validation for me. (Like it was an alley-oop of some sorts.) I realized that if I waited for someone to say “Hey T, you know that is a good idea. Go for it.” I would be S.O.L.

Me: I want to start a non-profit to uplift the community...

Others: *crickets, crickets*

Me: Applying to pharmacy school in the next two years.

Others: *crickets, crickets*

See where I’m from if you aren’t self-promoting you aren’t working hard enough. ‘Cause seriously, if you are waiting on an entourage to put forth a collaborative effort towards YOUR individual hopes and dreams you are the dumbest crab in the bucket.

Claw, Claw, and Climb Hoe. 

So the resolution is to stop making them. Just do it. Less talk, More Action. I’ve wasted 2016. Don’t get me wrong, I have accomplished a lot (no brag bih) but I impeded a lot of my dreams because of fear and complacency. You know the feeling. It’s when you get your first paycheck from the job you got coming out of college that’s not really what you ever dreamed of doing, but it pays the bills.*sips tea* It’s a smile that stretches from ear to ear when you sign the salary contract that progresses to the eye roll when you realize how much time and taxes are coming out of that shit.  *throws teacup*

Listen, you can’t get too comfortable with breaking a ceiling. You have to find the next one to shoot through. Splash glass until you die. Do whatever it takes to make even your smallest dreams come true. If you want to travel to every state at least once? Make it happen. Want to make your own cookbook? Flick the hell out of your wrist while doing it. Buying a house? Going back to school? Fuck Sally Mae and do that shit.

NO ONE CAN STOP YOUR DREAMS BUT YOU! Believe you can be better than the bottom of the bucket. If not, you will always be there.

Just Keep Sipping,



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